Foam extinguishing high-pressure motor- pump for small fires . Integration adapted to small fire vehicles 4x4 type.

TRIOCEROS is a high pressure extinguishing equipment for small 4x4 fire vehicules whose combines the effects of high pressure and CLASS A foam extinghishing effect on small fires.z

Technical features

Pump: 21 l/min
Pressure: 200 bar
Dosage: 0,1 to 1%
Energy: Petrol 11CV or Diesel 12CV
Start up: Electric and manual
Reel: Hose 25m (other lengths possible)

Operating principle

From the start of the thermal engine, the pump rises in pressure. Opening the nozzle makes the engine accelerate and set the pressure at 200 bar. Then, the user chooses the position of the nozzle : water mist, additived water or foam and inject the foam concentrate. The user just has to open the product's valve and to set the concentration with the thumbwheel.

System benefits